All The Way

there's a cold blue wind, it's blowin' tonight
no stars, no moon, no light in sight
only a voice from deep in my soul
can help us find the hidden gold

a new day will be here soon
when the sun rises at dawn
maybe a new day can tell us
the sun leads the way, movin` on

try to imagine
life is a fairytale
hear the whispers from above
hear the elves that sing


all the way life goes on
never stops until you're done
hear the secret voice
and all your sorrows will, will be gone

don't give up the fight
only the strong will survive
take the time you need
the time to make you see
gotta find your own way to be free

try to imagine
life is a fairytale
hear them whisper from above
hear the elves and how they sing

and if you ever (really) lose your way
all the hope is gone
you'll find the strength that you need
to carry on

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