Call Of The Wild

is it too late to turn the tide
i've got too try
don't let them put him away

livin' on the edge, walking on a line
nearing the point of no return
he is so cool, breaking every rule
he don't care who's got to pay

maybe he could be, just like you and me
but somewhere in life he went wrong
he tries not to fall, doesn't wanna cross the line
but every night he hears the call

the call of the wild inside
inside his head
that drives him closer and closer to the edge
the edge of insanity

he plays the game
like an actor on the stage
playing for time outside his cage
but the animal inside
and the years he's tried to hide
will always be waiting for the call


is it too late to turn the tide
i've got too try
won't let them put him away


he's headin' for a storm, all of the time
seemes there's no turning back
just a step from the fall, over the line
from the other side he hears the call

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