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Bye, Bye Johnnie


Yesterday you and me and the other people had a party
But who could know it was the last time
We got drunk and sang together
Chasing girls you should've lived forever
You didn't even get home

Bye, Bye Johnny bye bye
It's not your fault that you died
But i can't help it
I got to ask a reason why you
Good o'l Johnny did die no one knows
So many of your friends cry

Theres no meaning why you should say goodbye

Now today when you are gone
I'm still drunk but i can't find a reason
Why you have to leave so soon
Guess thats how it had to be
Raise in heaven living free
Can't you come back to us please

Theres no meaning why you should say goodbye

You were stabbed
in the back
in a downtown backstreet alley
You played for passion lived your life
Now you're hiding in the memory

Theres no meaning why you should say goodbye

Theres no meaning in why you should say goodbye

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