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My Life

Ricky J

From a corner to the Big Apple
they used to tell me
Rick, to make it, it's a big hassle
And that my momma taught me instead it's a big gamble
They chose the free for all to see
Yea I did that too, every kid has to
Amateur nights, I be rappin on mic
See me with the sleaziest players when I'm back in the night
Even if you black or you white I'll still be
attracting to hype

No advanc I ain't royalty yet
I got a pay cut on my first royalty check
I got my name misspelled and they ain't notice me yet
I got a hole in my apartment where my toilet is kept
Record labels owin them debts and they ain't spotted
me yet

And that's
My life
That's the way that I live, it's just
My life
You can like it or not cuz it's
My life
That's the way that I live, it's just
My life
I don't give up

This is your life
This is your way
This is your day to shine shine shine
This is your life
This is your way
This is your day to shine shine shine

All the girls used to laugh at the hatchback,
I had back
In '86 no tense
It was a Mazda
Eatin at Mickie Dee's was a luxury
My main girl of three years breakin up with me
Now she's there and I'm here, my mom's here, my boys here
And every chick I see wants my company
RJ Entertainment, that's my company
First you were chumpin me, now you want a cut from me
Ain't it awful tellin me you ain't impressin me right
Local players tellin me you don't be testin me right
Now I got the recipe right
I need some respect
And when my tape's in the deck
Y'all be pressin rewind


Now it's often I'm on skin
Like Johnson & Johnson
Blinds up my Johnson
Man, it's just nonsense
They come from Georgie to Boston
Yea I'm sure y'all want some
Even your girls in Wisconsin
And when it rains my hood'll be down
Now I'm rainin over your cats
You should look at me now
I used to over react to be opening act
Even if the show wasn't phat
I still go on and rap
It's just the look of the crowd before they looked at me foul

My accountant crooked and foul
We all start mumblin
5 percent of 7 cents I think I lost publishin
My eyes closed no money made
Though my single went gold

(Chorus 2x)

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