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Lose Control

Ricky J

Ya get on up
Ya lose control
You are never too young or too old
Ya get caught up
The night unfolds
People jumpin, party, bumpin
Making you say oo ooo.
March madness
Who would of seen my star status
You know who that is
Robbin' the dodge stratis
Rash in the game
Now there''s cash in the game
Getting ass in the game
Why you last in the game
I bask in the fame
Why you askin the same
Cats feel the pain
When I''m fast in the game
I like ''em brown, white, Puerto Rican, and Asian
And in my house too
While we freak in the basement
I take a girl out on a week-end away trip
Yo Rick, party over man, she is under age, kid.
It don''t matter, but
We can flow fatter but
You can go after us
If ya so get on up


Break it down a little
Same my name
Nice and loud now
From the background
Cuz Majess hold it down now
Whatcha think now?
Get the game down now
Ya wonder how
I flow easily
Spend G's frequently
All these chicks wanna freak with me
What can it be
there at my back door
Collect 2 hundred thousand
Every time I pass go
Plus a few million
every million being sold
Why you getting mad
Ain''t my fault your check slow
You should see me in the show
And what, guess what
All my fellas grab your nuts and get on up


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