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Rick What

Ricky J

They don't even know whats goin on {laughs}
Ricky J baby
Thats right
Majess ya'll
Yo, its the flavour
Thats right
Ricky J baby
Ricky J baby
He's tryin' to get this thing

First you started from dreams to cash
Mean and class
And who scored the girls with the meanest a$$
Me you're last
Never thought I'd see it pass
Now my cars in the yard with the greenest grass
Deep class on the Lexus
I see cats trying to reck this
They don't see cash or investments
Girls on my side with the theighs or
not the cute ones use the front
I see them giggle and they laugh
Up and down the block come down and talk to me around the clock
Playa's never give me props every track I do
I feel pocks at the best
I ain't mad at you


Rick What?
I love it when your screaming my name
Rick What?
Gettin' down when you see me payin'
Rick what?
Yo why don't you just get on up see the drop
in the top so
Get on up
What you want me to do now?
Get on up
Feel the vibe in the groove now
Get on up
Whatchin' girls in the club while they hit on us
Whats the hook or the Jam Ya'll
Get on up

I'm still living nice glammor
You rappers envy against me
I got the MC like hammer
Amazing kids makin' hits blazing six
I go on a vacation with some Asian chicks
Days I say shoppin' the streats every minute
{I'm ready Ricky}
Listen let me speak for a minute
Feel the beat for a minute
There's a girl in the club
and she's a freak that Im in it
Dance in the club
Have romance in the club
Like you just don't care
So wave your hands in the club
If you players really wanna flex yo whats up?
I'll bring you to the next every chance that Im up


Who's the man writin' hits for you?
I be that
Who's the man who pop chris for you?
I be that
I did this for you, do you see that?
I read the tracks when they dance when I play back
All this for you
When the other rappers can say that
Next morning there still recording the same track
See me on the mic you should see me when Im hyped
My flows can go smooth like beleming on my eyes
Can I get a one two?
Waving your hands right up the sum roof
Playa's try to question a man cuz hey want to
My flow is moist it's Rick you know the voice
Infact you cash to make trackson a quarters right?

(chorus) x2

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