You're singing in my ear
A song about the fear
You have to open up your heart
If you're burning deep inside
You can't decide to hide
To sing alone
Inside your mind

Don't be scared
'cause honey this life is fair
You just have to breathe the air
That's coming from the lord oh

You're running from yourself
You're leaving no one else
On your way to make you stay
I am a rhyming girl
I can't fix this crazy world
But we could try to get by

So let me get into
Your darkened room
You think that's too soon
But i know the tune
Or let me fade into
Your fancy scars
I could turn them into stars
Let's get on your stage honey
Get out of your cage

Hide your devils in the dark
And please release your heart
'cause this time love is no crime
You'll lose your sense of touch
And i'm not asking too much
If i stay and if i make you say
That you feel so lonely in your own way
Oh man

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