I was born in the jungle
With my mommy and dad
Happiness was around us
But i was laying down in bed
There were stars above up in the sky
There were snakes beneath my chair
I grew up as a believer
But in my lungs there was no air

This is the jungle my baby
And you need to fight this war
There's a girl with an iron will
That you keep trying to ignore

You savage girl

I tell you i was born in the jungle
Fighting against my own death
Running from lions and vultures
In the end i could take my breath
Hum...you know life is so funny
That we could laugh 'till we are sad
Just don't try to detain me
'cause i'm furious, i'm angry, i'm mad!

You savage girl
You wild wild girl
You lonely girl
Be what you are
Near me or far

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