I need some order in my life
But honey i can't control this heart of mine
So tell me how do you think that i'll survive
With these strange thoughts in my mind

I'm gonna walk this line for you
And i'll search another dream when days are through
So tell me if i don't want to see the truth
It's funny 'cause your the clue

So wake me if i'm singing
I need to stop the pain that's ringing
In my ears...oh many fears
I'll try to say i'm sorry
I didn't want to change the story
Of your life or mine

I had to grow up really fast
And you said i have to organize my past
But honey this mess we're in won't be the last
Will we pass the test?

'cause that's ok when you fail
Or when you're wrong
Will shed some light
To remind us where we belong

Keep a close watch on your heart

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