I'm a simple woman
Looking for her man
I think he's upset
'cause i slept with his friend
My heart is too honest
So i can't pretend
But i can't believe it
What i did to my man

My father once told me
That i was too wild
He said it was impossible
To get me to smile
Believe in my sorrow
This was not my plan
I still can't believe it
What i did to my man

You silly girl
I'll catch you with a pearl
It's time for you to grow
You'll end up with a gigolo
No, no, no, no!

I must admit
I see beauty in all...men
And i can't help myself
When they cast me their spell...hell
I know that it's hard for you to understand
But i'm just a girl full of love

Well, it's time to tell you
What he's done to me
I kissed him all time
Asking for clemency
So he can't be good too
This is cruelty
Can you believe
What this man has done to me?!

Your silly mind
You're different from all your kind
Undo this mess
Take the road to happiness
Yes, yes, yes, yes!

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