One Million Miles an Hour, Fast Asleep

Rx Bandits

Yeah we all listen to everything the man says
Can't speak a sentence, we got the words placed
- -
Stars keeping falling far from space, we're a million miles an hour, fast asleep
- -
How do you feel, how do you feel when you're alone
- -
It's time for action, they tried to take our love!
Where is your passion, where do you get yours?
- -
Stars keep falling far from space, we're one million miles an hour fast asleep
- -
How do you feel, how do you feel when you're alone?
- -
Got our bodies squeezed into digital molds, we can't breathe and were moving too slow
God is sold between a video screen, a plastic wall and a broken material dream
It's time to memorize your numbers, a code to signify your face
Your thumb is pushing down on the plunger, pick up your feet so you can put em in place
There's an inside rumor of a beggar, who got all that he needs in his hands,
He said he ain't no good with possession cause he can't keep track and he don't need a plan
They say the old woman got the wisdom, cause she couldn't read a clock anymore
She said the numbers don't represent the moments and she don't see what all the ticking's for
"they selling you time with repeat stimuli right in front of your eyes till you feel paralyzed
you're the only one who can define real"
Tell me right now how you feel

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