I searched in time
An endless journey throughout a rime
Travelling on a sign

Again I'm back
In this magic night
The mist and the light
Of the moon so high

In my dreams I ride alone
To time and ages I belong
Only myself, I'm on my own
And it flows like a magical song

Now I must do the one last travel, and I will fight
Another tomorrow, another night
But what I saw with my old
wise yet sad eyes
seemed to be the reflection of lies

Forever, forever in time
I will be the chosen one
My life will end and again begun
Forever, forever in time
The clock will ring
And I'll be king
Because time is mine again

Time is secrecy, after and before
Living a fantasy, living forevermore
But again I'm back to travel
The one and last journey
It's my turn again, like I did before...

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