I've walked the Earth
Since the dawn of time
In search for a soul
Not bitten, but born!

To be blood of my blood
And flesh of my flesh
Everything I am will be yours
Everything you are will be mine

I walk like a man,
Yet I cast no reflection
A am above Death
I cannot die, I am Death!

Death is an illusion
And Purgatory my kingdom
I can die a thousand times
And still come back to haunt your soul

"In Hell you'll burn!", the Nazarene said to me
"Your children will be my prey", I said to him
"Faith and prayer will defeat you", he said
"Neither God nor fanatism will rule forever!"

I was breed to murder the world
I am the spawn of Hell
Consumed a thousand times
All the Evil in the world
We'll be unleashed tonight
I am Nosferatu!

I walk the line
Between Heaven and Hell
But I'm not a man's God
I won't be forgiveness!

The grave is lonely
And thirst is my ruler
Therefore I hunt the entire world for blood
And blood is life!

Taste darkness with me
And you will see…
I am Nosferatu!

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