Darkness arises at sunset
Lambs of light to eliminate

By the moonlight
The stalkers walk to perdition
Into the devil's pit
At the graves for desecration

By the crimson lights of the moon
The stalkers walk into perdition
Into the devil's pit, the whore awaits
At the graves for desecration

They fight not only one beast
But legions that go on age after age
Feeding on the blood…
Feeding on the blood of the living!

She lives beyond the grace of God
A wanderer in the outer darkness
She is Vampire, Nosferatu
Growing strong and becoming immortal

"Come to me...
Leave these others and come to me
My arms are hungry for you...
My arms are hungry for you!"

"We wave Christ and His holy blood
We are strong in the Lord
And the power of Hid might...
The power of God is upon us!"

I bring you from shadow, into the light
I cast you out, the Prince of Darkness... Into Hell!

One moment's courage and it's done
Take the stake in the left hand
Place the point over the heart
Then in God's name you shall strike!

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