Shaped united dwelling
Down it was layed
As it runs wild, colourful
Full of signs of wisdom
Fly away into mystic dawn
Into mystic dawn away
Dive again into mystic dawn
Death for all again
Signs of pain, remarkable pain
For those who do not see
Scarved love deep into breed
Circle has turned, for the new so sweet
I laughed for the baptized
I gazed into hell's fire
Then my soul found peace
The chief saint cried and bleed
Here are men of the kind
Who beg no pardon
Here are the men of the kind
Themselves have loved with iron
Float for the taste, smell,
Let those emotions run free
As it runs in and out, love and death
Elixir so divine, shine I demand shine
On aika maistaa
kuoleman vasaraa
Oh taste so sweet
From me it breeds
Has broken what is left
The death is me
Oh so sweet it is...

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