Foto do artista Soulgrind

Black Lust & Flower Mystica


Skin deep magnificent sickness
Surrounding the mind I dwell in
Pictures of heaven in my dreams
Nails and pain come through my needs
Love is leather death is forever
My love through you is deep red
Your sweetness melts through pain
You little flower are ready for the black rain
Nails pounding into vains lust through the gods
Realms of damned ways
Riot is running red down the flowery fields of emotions
Minds sweeps the dust of weak trance pain war fate
Into one we unite
Red is the kindness the cry of me and you
Justified divine overdose
Realm of pleasure bizarre
Leather blood and raising hell
Time of my kind is here
Rose is river darkness
Thorn is sadness
Battle is the water
Before the storm we unite
Rode with the black wings
For my destiny
Through the forever pain
Before the storm we unite

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