Moments of purity, the feel of divine
As wind floats free
Goodness of darkness, light of fire
Mind stands still, loving through hate
Inside is the truth, life as it seems
But still we are as we've always been
From the heart, from the soul
Not polluted with the thoughts of greed
Pagan pride
The weak shall not rise
Last rites, dark and wise
Pagan pride
We as masters of North
Last and proud
We as masters of all
Silence is the music, inspiration
Before the storm so divine
Return of the ancient, second dawn
This moment, gone and yet to come
The filthy path of not understanding
To those under the lies
Suffering for the sake of the others
Our circle, is the truth is the mind

Chain me, lust and blood
With pagan pride
Let me, proud and loud
Be your god
Chain me, lust and blood
With pagan pride
Feel me, bleed me, sign me
We are the gods

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