I wanna be entertaining
I wanna be the availing
I wanna be the one
That they all go to
But I don't wanna be preaching
Don't wanna be overreaching
I just wanna get in and out
And through

But it's all the same
And if you want
I'll play your game
But only for a moment
I take in stride
So just burn that flame
Keep a torch lit in my name
I'll stick around
'Til it's time to fly

Why must we talk about something?
When we can talk about nothing
I wanna steep in a silence
That's true and right
Let's do it all without speaking
Converse to every teaching
I wanna go out and live
And come home tight

I'll stick around
Or at least I'll try

I wanna be apathetic
And not so apoplectic
I wanna breathe in deep
And take it all in high
I wanna learn to be lazy
One of the gluttonous grazing
Without a thought for a soul
A self-centered sign

I'll stick around
'Til it's time to die

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