It's the business between the sadists and masochists
And you know which one you are
When you go from lubricated to morose
Born in a barn died on the 73rd floor

How's babylon bedtime you just wait
All hell is gonna break loose
Just like your senior thesis on the passion of the stoics and
Maryjane was your muse
You know your mother was right
It's a mistake to be
Conspicuously happy
I watched the sunrise today
I couldn't sleep

A trail of snowballs leading to bigger sails
A snowman on the beach
A snowball's chance in hell.

He said let the whole world sigh or cry
I'll be high in the sky
Up on top
And the splendor of dress and furniture
Is the only distinction of the citizens of antioch
She said I might look good in my condition
But I'm still in my condition
Twinkling lights and violins and girls giggling
About something

Doo doo doo doo doo doo
This is the way the world ends

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