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More Than A Kiss

The Gallery

Patience is a virtue you apparently posses
The tide is rising quickly and again you sit
and wish that I would come and find you
and raise your sinking ship
You know that my love exists
this is you finding bliss
and it's more than a kiss

Why you gotta keep flying around
trying to get out of every struggle by yourself?

You can't put your finger on it
but your gears are turning
you can count on me
You can't put your finger on it
but your tears are flowing
you can count on me

Set up for dissatisfaction
its become an umistakable theme
if you could just admit and say
I'm the one you need,
it may not feel like music with a tingle
rushing down your spine
but I promise , i promise you'll see changes in your life

The Winds will always change
so darling turn the page and start anew
we're not gonna give up on you

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