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A Grief Observed

The Gallery

It's a grief observed
And the problem is the problem of pain
We've lost our faith
And we point the blame to the grave...

...When all has slipped away

You took my love
You took my health
"Why not take all of me
Why not take all of me", he said
'Cause either way I win

If this is perceived just by what is seen
I'll never come to believe That such a hardship
Goes so far beyond me so unexpected, but in retrospect
I know it's all for good

It'd be so easy to turn your face today
When everything you have is swiftly ripped away
But because your faith is the lense through which you see
You press on, you stand tall for all to see

Only torture, only torment
Will bring out the truth in such a man

I know it's all for good

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