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Opposite Sun 22

The Gallery

Far up in the sky an old friend's watching me
And he enforces me to bleed
Cause I was meant to meet no entire fortune
Your scoff's for me

A tidal change's the weakening hope
It seems that I'm not coped with such a thing
A thing that life forced me to admire
Beyond desire forever I'll walk

As daylight fades his face is showing clearer
It's shining and it's grace
Oh lord of tides,you make my soul turn into
A clod of ice

There's no emotion in your face
But as I shook my fist to thee
I could have sworn I saw you smile
Don't laugh at me now!

Senile indifference will ache
If you should carry it too far
Or am I wrong about it all?
Come answer me now!

Your brother wind is driving me insane
While he is blowing fast and keen
A messenger of past so razorsharp
Once more I start to dance the masquerade
I'm falling broken with my fate
Circling,reeling,deadened to the ground

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