Any time of the day or night you might find me drawing a crowd
I might wake the neighbors but do me this favor
Let me just sing it loud
I sing because of love and because my heart's forever changed
There's a fire inside me
I just gotta shout it
I'm never gonna be the same
Sing it loud, oh

All over the world
All over the world we're gonna sing, gonna sing
All over the world it'll be heard that Jesus saves
All over the world
All over the world
Until everyone sings His Name all over the world

We can hear it down in Houston
It's changing lives in Hong Kong
It's filling up the streets of London with the sounds of revival songs
Yeah nothin' can stop the music from playing everywhere we go
There's a fire inside us
We gotta let it out
We gotta let the whole world know / Sing it loud, oh

Let peace be our calling
Let hope be our strength
Let our song tell heaven's story that we are loved, we are loved

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Composição: Don Koch / Elissa Leander. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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