Let the day come
Let the hope return
I'm crying out for change so let the night fade
No more time to waste
I'll just come as I am
I will not hide away from God's brilliant gaze

His love consumes me, and moves me,
right through me as I set my eyes

To face the Son, I'll face the Son
Don't let me turn around from the Son, the Glorious One
Oh, here I am, finally free
In His Presence we meet
Now my heart is transformed face to face with the Son

With one glimpse, I'm captured by the mercy of my Savior
Beauty so bright I can barely take it in

I'll turn my eyes from worthless things to the gaze of the King of Kings

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Composição: Elissa Leander / Rebecca Leander. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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