You see beyond the masquerade, behind the pretty face
You search beneath my skin, right to my heart
You see the beauty, the love that lives within me and everything I'm meant to be
Cause I can't see it all
But You, You see it all

You see me lovely, You see me beautiful
Past my perception of who I am
You see me worthy, so irreplaceable
More than I think I am
More than I think I am

There were times I tried to hide away from the light of day
Thinking no one could see, see all my pain
And I refused to open, to show that I was broken, afraid You'd turn away
But You, You never leave and now I finally see

Now it's no secret I'm made in Your image
Help me never forget the splendor, and the wonder of who I am in You, in You

You see the beauty in me
You see me lovely
Everything I'm meant to be

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Composição: Brian White / Don Koch / Elissa Leander. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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