These times are not the best
And yet these times are all we have to share
So when you feel you can't escape the madness
I will make it easier to bear
Here's a message I am sending
Hope you read me loud and clear

(´Cause) I'll be here to hold you
When you're nights get lonely
I'll be here to hold you
And love you for the rest of my life

When dreams seem far away
Do yesterdays keep haunting you
Do they bring you down
Well life can seem unfair
When no one seems to care about you
But darling look around
I am standing right beside you
Look with your heart you'll see

Just like the stars shine in the dark of night
They've been burning for a million years
I will be your bright star
Your guiding light
I will always be here
I will always be here

I still remember the first time I saw you
That night down at Joe's Cafe
You wore your 49er's cap
and a black leather jacket
You just took my breath away

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