Darlin it´s time to wake up
and just listen to the tender tune
those little songbirds sing
Take care of that sound,
put it in your heart
paint a picture forever of a day like this
The sentiments talk to me

Well, look at the world, all the people around
I wonder what they've found
That make them keep going on
Life passes by like a boat on the river
so reach out and grab it now before it's gone

It's Tuesday afternoon and the sun has been
shining' on the world today
All the people passin´ us by in the street
they can´t hide their love anyway

Now maybe you're lost but I know that you
soon will be found by your self
and then you'll go your own way
I hope that I always will be by your side
though you're dazed 'n' confused
and don´t know what to say

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