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Too Late To Be Good

The Tuesdays

He picks me up in his car at night
Tells me I'm pretty and that he likes
The way he feels by my side
He don't know me

He don't know me
And sometimes when he looks at me
He catches something fast and something fierce
A restless hunger deep inside
There are some things you just can't hide

I'll never be the kind of girl
Who'll walk or talk or act like I should
Do what I've gotta in a man's world
I'm a little too rough - but it's too late to be good

Pink and lace and my heels are high
My mother says I'll get in trouble some night
But this town don't scare me, I handle it heroically
It they think I've got a problem, well the world's at fault
Miss Right is something for role models
Where do you find a self image
I can be soft, can have a hard edge

Let them say that I'm, I'm just too wild too tame
'Cause when I go, baby, I'm gonna go down in flames

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