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Fair And 'Guiling Copesmate Death

Theatre of Tragedy

(Velvet Darkness They Fear)

Gaunt and gnarl'd

(Fair And Guiling Copesmate Death)

Reflecteth the silver shield this welkin aghast
And with haste translateth to gild'd black post and fast
(Anon, anon, say I. The lid aside, lid aside
Crawl without this velvet-clad coffin blest)

(The bottom sand of the hourglass is at tide)
Sensing thispine is as deep as the deepest chasm
('Tis and hath e'er been merry blood to pest)
Hither! Cedeand fulfil my phantasm
(To be adust for time longer can I not bide)
Cherish me andsonorously do me laud
(Hence the heart hale out thro' the chest)
For dread! Thineeyes will behold a guise faugh\'d
(Misery thee? Rather misery me
For in Time's durance am I naught but wee)
This tender and loving pest I to thee bequeath
Thence switly wilt thou errant to 'Neath
(And to me should'st thou be the humblemost knave
Lest fear, spit I on thy cist and grave
Lest leer I at thee and do bewitch
And the tharms fluttering claw'd and eldritch)

To conquer thee and thy blood for glore
Art thou my afeard and reluctant whore
Irksomely coy, save wiliéd by alarum
Bear this torture and maim with decorum

(If e'er always was I this blissful and blithe
Would I resign to but its wee tithe?)
Purvey my ache and quench my profoundest urge
And to thee will I sing the lull-dull dirge

Deliver thy blood like the rill filleth the ghyll
(Burrow to the trothplight with Night and Devil
Bid Him to league with me, forsooth, merry to 'come 'twill)
Whilom wast thou vestal, yet now flit to thy tryst
Elsewise will I coerce thine consonantry to turn whist
Grasp I the snath and cut off thine breath
(Death, oh, fair and 'guiling copesmate Death)
So that thoucanst in darkness and inferno vester
(Be not a malais'd beggar, claim this bloody jester)
For do isolely what He to me liefly saith

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