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Glamorama Demystified


'Tis devoured black and white all grey
The miasma of life is clear
As those last flowers wither away
And the faceless man bear the mask of fear...Fear...fear...

Silence once again divided the worlds
And still no echo, but the same shady voice
In this silence the crawling worms
Lick forever lonely one and rejoice...Fear...fear...

Phlegm surging from the canyon of lies
Soundless all abstract tears fall down
Transparent life in a frozen time
In this frustrated joy we all will drown

In this mirror of pain we must be pleased
Embraced by showing death and beauty
Ultimate satisfaction has been redeemed
Lick forever lonely one in tranquillity

Dreams of sand thy heavens bear
Forgotten are the fragments of a dying sun
Thy faceless masks now fear
So do lick forever harmonized as one...Fear...fear...

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