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Devil Messiah


Deep beneath the sun you lie, you are embraced by darksome night.
Here we come to call thy spirit forth.

Let thy presence breathe through me, beget the spawn in sanquine blasphemy.
We perpetuate thy dominions with the flesh of the angelic weak.

Create horrofic nightmares to them who pray.
Obscure the light of a day and make them obey.
Unhallowed be thy name in the hell and the earth.
We shall forever sell our souls unto you.
We are the symbols of thy existence and doom.
Deep down below you watch through our souls,
and wait our final spells.

In nomine magni, you rule the earth.
In nomine rex infernus, hear these words.

Underneath the horns of death, thy cult shall breed and flourish and reign.
Worship the mighty satanas, rejoice the power to rule the earth.
In thy kingdom of flesh, the false prophet shall be slain and crucified again.
The flames of victory shall be yours and the creatures of thy infinite dominion.
...shall burn in your dominion.

Rise! The dark antichristian night, we praise the succubus of delight.
We feed your burning souls with the agony of christ.

Deathly demons guardians of time.
Praise the hymns of infernal might.
To this time when all evil unite and god is forever denied.

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