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Crushing Defeat Of The Triune Godhead


I am the broken heart of god, non-desirable child in the masquerade of holy fuck.
Proclaimer of the grimmest infernal ontogeny,
so take a step forward into my bacchanal feast,
'cos now im your god.

I am...embodiment of Satan, incarnation of pain, earthly unholiest power.
Antidote against the religious dirt, and the fix in the veins of divinity.

I am..the way..the saviour..all that you need for...a stone on your grave.

Satanic praise-extreme way become inured to fell the hellfire in it's rebellion desire.
There's nothing to stop the passion for Devil and for the carnal sacriledge,
which give birth to your child.

I didn't need you to baptize or pray, for me you were dead forever...
you are dead forever.

Do you realize my reality, in it's blasphemy...pagan cruelty.
When i look down on you, you fucking fuck, i feel sick about your way,
how you sold your soul in overprice...for nothing.

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