Legacy of Saints In Disguise


One consumed the enlightment from the ground
Others created sensation from mind unbound
Sane turned to saint in delusion
Tuned in with mass hypnosis
Light speed divinity rises from the soil
A religious junkie is here to fed
With instruments like nail and hammer
Transcendent race arrived to the treshold of insanity

Step in with the keys to profound gods
Kneel down to lick the feet of the fooled
Swallow the wafer with love you swine
As one shot for glory, two for the show

Legacy of sains in disguise

With sinister laughter and dolphin's tongue
Drop out from this paradoxical sleep
To a slumber where to see the indentity of opposites
Then make a u-turn in the circle and fear

There's a man on the cross
Tell all there's a sign on the cross
Invite them to stone the pest down
For the sake of doctrines to not to come true

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