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How Can I Be Down


(Rap by Ja Rule)
Yo, yo, Ja Rule, TQ, baby
You ain't gotta sneak and creep
Around no more
You was my freakiest hoe
Now you be dealing with broads
In my CL five double O on the DL
Hollerin' 'bout you hangin' with the females
Shit I just wanna be down
Can I eat? So to speak
Cause what you bitches fail to realize is I'm a freak
Who get you wetter?
The more hoes, mo' better
I'm appalled that you keepin' shit from your main nigga
Lesbianage shit I've been there and beyond baby
So bring a friend, two or three
And let 'em breed envy amongst each other
I fuck's one and shit on another
I'm in my peek throw 'em out
And call 'em up next week
And do it again one weekend
In NY or La, the Rule and TQ baby holla

If you wanna holla
Still ain't changed
It's really kinda bothered
And stressing on my brain
I get so angry
When I hear u on my telephone
Talkin' all crazy
Nigga leave me the hell alone
I don't know

How can I be down
If you only gonna hate me
Aggravate frustrate me
Always bringing me down
How will I come around
(don't wanna come around)
If you always gonna portray me
Feelin' like me then lately
That's why I ain't coming around

Used to be my homegirl
Then u started trippin' (trippin')
Everytime I got a new girl
You always wanna kick it (why you wanna?)
But then I started losing girls
Something kinda fishy
Ain't never made love to you (ever no)
Your lying on me viscously
So tell me

Everywhere I go you try to follow me
Running behind me
Tellin' my business to everybody
You say you could love
But you need to get out of here
It ain't gonna happen
What about them women then
Can't control they mouth piece (mouth piece)
That's why you must understand (ooh yeah)
You'll never be with me
I'm tellin' you
(Chorus - 2x)

How can I be down
If you gonna hate me
Aggravate frustrate me…

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