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TQ pick up line 1

TQ: Hello
MAMA: Hello
TQ: He
MAMA : Hi Cherry
MAMA: How you doin'?
TQ: Fine mama how you doin'?
MAMA: Pretty good it has been while, I haven't heard from you
TQ: Yeah I know, I'm sorry mama, I've just been busy trying tofinish the album
MAMA: Really
TQ: Yeah
MAMA: You have been trying for a long time, and I know you gonnamake make this time, Just keep it grindin'
TQ: Definitely
MAMA: And that one you are looking for, You know when you find.It's , It's different sweety, It's different.
TQ: That's right mom.
MAMA: Yeah, I know, Just remember I love you, remember where youcame from.
TQ: Can never forget it.
MAMA: And remember what you used to, I'll talk to you later.Okay?
TQ: Allright,
MAMA: Bye Bye
TQ: Bye Bye

TQ: Alright press play

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