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Every long time ago
From my brother Nal
Brawl came lifting your paper
Got to go
I think about it every nite
After the shows over
Situation for those who don't know
I met her at the superbowl
Had to snatch her off one of the broncos
He won the game but he lost his breeze
Cos here me she me thing
In my bed while she freakin
its been 2 years since I met her
since we been together
we made a lot of chedder
picture some shit
had no drama
didn't have no shit or stick
when I was broke my baby help me get rich

I like Superbitches
All about they man
And procting they riches
And if u take me downtown
Ill be counting my chickens
It ain't nothing missing
Like it then don't listen
Cos its just Superbitches
They looking at me funny
But I know your paying attention
Every word that they saying you better belive it
And if you don't shell be sitting in the kitchen waiting tohitchen

Tell you bout my superbitch
Give me the point to assure
That she gonna keep my shit
Lock down nigga
Ain't nobody every
Fit better
Around this little niggas digga
So I figure
Be a super trick
On my superbitch
Got them blam blames on her wrist
And as long as she fucking with this
Im am gonna lace her with the stuff that make your eyes squint
For my bitch
Nigga like super quick
Won't think shit
Met her kids buying hundreds of gifts
That she blessing me with
The way I walked her out nigga
Its with her
Don't even think another nigga could get her
She gonna role with me as I get bigga
And for hating she a killer nigga
That's my superbitch


I can always tell a superbitch
She love her kicks
Only wear the flyist shit
All she get she work for it
Dirt for it
Flirt for it
Baby what u working with
Get your arse dream about her
Get home in your bed
Won't sleep without her
Say it louder nigga
And it taste good when you licker
And bust quick when u sticker
Boy I like a superbitch
So when u see me in my rover that's who im with
She probably driving it
Getting high in it
And if the boys pull her over she hiding the shit
And bind with it
That's my baby and she down with this gansta shit
And good at it
That my superbitch
And when im done with this im going home to my superbitch


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