Where are we from, where do we go from here and how?
So listen, son, I'm gonna tell you where's your father gone
He took the path to the immortal and the strong
He's up to where the warriors belong
In the Hall of Fame!

Where did he go, is it called heaven or hell?
I wanna know, can anybody answer?
Will he come back? We'll meet at last?
Or will I ever see his face again?
Is he up to where the warriors belong?

In the Hall of Fame
Where the brave gather
They're shouting your name
In the Hall of Fame
You will see
Dying was not in vain

He is gone, be proud, my son, for he was dying
By the grace of our gods he is gone
His work is done, be proud, my son
Cause soon we both will meet him again

You will never leave
The Hall of Fame
Your soul will reign
Here you settle
In the Hall of Fame

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