In a time of mystery and fear, dominated by slavery
One man began to search for the answer
He observed the moon and all the stars
Noticed every single move
Then he decided to tell the truth

Heretic! Heretic! Heretic!
You're soon gonna burn

Never thinking of the consequences
He went to promote his insight
The Inquisition called him back
You're gonna die for your lies
Pray to the Lord to show you mercy
Or you will feel the flames of hell

Heretic! Heretic! Heretic!
You're soon gonna burn

I revoke because the system forces me to do
I revoke though I know that it's a lie
I revoke because I don't wanna be executed
I revoke but I know I found the truth

"If I won't clean the table
If I will stay strong
They will kill me like Giordano
But someone else will come!"

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