It was the day of the final battle...

Through dark storms we ride with honour and pride
Our army so strong and so brave
Immortal forever, the time's now or never
The steel shines so bright in the haze.
The guardians of Metal are fighting again
ValSans in the front of the row.
The enemy's shouting but we're not afraid
Their self-confidence is to low.

With axe and sword - against the horde
On the battlefield

The bastards appear and yet they are near
We can see the sweat on their face
Their number is high - but we'll never die
Full of blood be the ground of this place
A scream in the night - we're ready to fight
Our enemy's starting to sigh
We're riding to challenge our destiny now
Come on, let's teach them how to die!

On the battlefield the strongest will survive
For the victory we'll offer our own life
On the battlefield our enemies will fell
That a hero's heart's not made of silk
Cause it is made of steel!

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