The features on my face show
An agonizing pain and tragedy
In a well of torment I remain
The markings under my skin tell the tale
Of loss and new found serenity
I embrace the fact I can confide in my own pain

My pain
My pain
Inflict lacerations on my soul
In search of the true kings murderer
Finding the pieces to make me whole
Will this give me the will to carry on
Or shall it push me further

I'm waking up with the residue of earlier misery
My mortal coil is no longer of flesh and bone
Its existence transcends into grief and insanity
I face the day knowing that I am not alone
You are not alone
To live with this new given chapter
And not to abandon all my hope
Is this the feeling that I'm after
Or do I feel the desire to let go

Nothing can change all that has been
I'm not asking to turn back time
I question God with what I've buried and seen
Looking up at the sun still able to feel it's shine
Let it shimmer

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