Never knew that love could cast
Such a deep dark shadow on my soul
It burns in me and it can't be shared
A feeling that I cannot control

Without goodbye taken away
So damn hard to believe
The emptiness you left behind
Fills my heart with grief

Sinking deep inside myself
Reaching out for you once more
Painfully I realize in your absence
You're more present than ever before

When I'm drifting off I can still see you
In the corner of my eye
But when I turn around and take a look
It has been nothing but a lie

No matter where I turn and look
I always will be missing you
In darkness behind my crying eyes
The light of your memories will shine on through

Cause everything reminds me of
The time before that day
And I feel so guilty when I start to think
About the day my pain starts to fade away

I'll never forget you I know for sure
Forever you'll be a part of me
I'll carry you with me until my time has come
Reunited for eternity

Never will I forget you
I came to realize that apart you
Will still be a part of me
No matter what I do, where I go
Or where my mind wanders off to
In my heart I'll carry you with me
In my heart I'll keep you close

And when my time has come
We shall be again reunited for eternity

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