Emotional Ground Zero


The sleepless nights of wondering and pondering
How my world got turned upside-down in a flash of a moment
Everything I believed in and wanted to be myself
Suddenly became what I feared the most

Don't be surprised when I choose to leave
The decision wasn't really my own
It was made a long time ago
Some things can't be unsaid or undone
You had it all but it was never enough
Betrayed your own flesh and blood
Lost the game and put the debt in my name
The solitary heir to your kingdom of despair

I am the ghost of a 10-year old boy
Who died on that day when you went away
I cried and I begged and I hoped you would stay
Telling myself everything is okay
Bloodstains and broken glass among my toys
Gave me your pain in trade for my joy
Amending, pretending that nothing was wrong
In a desolate house a child weeps alone

On that night when you turned your wrath against me
Because I witnessed your cardhouse of lies fall to the ground
How could I forget those words you said and forgive those things you did?
You ran away with no trace of repentance to be found
As our paths cross and I'm reminded the loss
I realize it was the only absolution
Drifting away into the oceans of fate
We're beyond the point of any redemption

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