Enlightened by Deception


Leave me with the agony
The only thing you gave to me
Close the door - leave conscience behind
The pain is all mine
Never look back but always move on
Make sure that guilt can't keep along
And in your time of need
You should know that I am gone

Enlightened by deception
Betrayal and rejection
Enlightened by deception
Flip the coin of oppression

You had my world in your hands
It slipped between your fingers like grains of sand
All my trust, love and respect
You chose to trade it for something less
Because you're not at peace with yourself
Easier to pass the torment to someone else
What I once felt was a loss to me
Was the painful process of being set free

Leave me with the agony
The only thing you gave to me

What you have done to me, unconsciously, made me a better person after all
To this tragedy I found no remedy, and I just had to take the fall
Separate ways, better days, I carried your pain as my own
Accepting fate was never too late, and so I travel alone

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