I stand at the edge of the world
With a heart shattered into pieces
And a pain that never cases
Forever lost in this void
Wake me up from reality
There's no catharsis through this agony

Bring me the poison or give me a reason
How to have faith in a world full of treason?
Spiritually homeless and no need for a compass
When the journey is set for the abyss

Holding on to a broken dream
It's all what I've got left
The promises that I have kept
I will go down with this ship
86'D by destiny
The never-amending story
A glimpse of hope turns into oceans of sadness
Climb to the top and dive into the madness

No mask for concealing
These wounds never healing
No sense of belonging
Or what is becoming
A mind that never rests
Every day an endurance tot
A soul that never sleeps
And a heart that forever keeps
Bleeding for what could not be

Absolve me from the emptiness
All-consuming nothingness
The mirror of my soul
Torn between this duality
Haunted by the memories
I had to bring myself down

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