Look what Daddy bought her for her birthday
Well it's idling beside me at the light
And Sweet Sixteen is fussing in her rearview mirror
Making sure her hairdo looks alright

Well it's my favorite form of stoplight entertainment
Watch what happens when I try to make her smile
You can tell just by the way that she accelerates
She's trying to tell me that I'm not her style


'Cause, She's Got Daddy's money
Daddy's Money
Daddy's Money holds her hand

She ain't got no back bone
But she's strong enough to stand
Daddy's money holds her hand

Well then I coast up right beside her at the next light
I can't help that there's amusement on my face
Because her car must cost twenty times what mine does
Now she's got to run the light to put me in my place


Well I really didn't mean to hurt her feelings
There's a tender heart that hides behind the wealth.
Maybe if a baby gets too many shiny toys
She never finds the value in herself


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