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Fear Factor (ft. Mr. Coldstone)


[Mr. Coldstone]
Yo homie get back, This is F. A. D. A. We stay straight fresher than some tic tacs
The kid's after, the passion of the captive
Every time I flex it's for the ones that's getting laughed at
A tragic disaster when it happens pride smashed no more laughin
U can call me Sgt. Slaughter
Jaxx mark the win corner we gave em' a jay z they lost one
But you keep talkin' actin all religious
You all about your talkin, I'm all about my livin'
Following the yellow brick road from his wisdom
I stay on my game; you stuck on your pivot

There's no fear
No fear in me
Cuz I been redeemed from the enemy
Even all the ones that tried to hinder me
The fact is fear is not apart of me
No (no no fear fact)

As I walk in the game all I hear is dudes laughing, talking smack, yo they ask while I'm rapping
Jaxx why you moving like this got pass that; What dawg?
And you say I'm nerdy, my style is so secular, my rhymes are so wordly
And its popular to rap about theology, having no patience, judge every artist
Fake consecration, cover all your basis?
Fresh with the testament, pliers on the mic, grab the phrase and then clinch
Break bread with the streets disciples, He got two loaves and fish
Christ is the life post, purified raps with the minerals, fresh taste of rap music hitting in the living room
Gas high but you can't get the premium on your style dawg you can't reach the equilibrium

[Mr. Coldstone]
Like Ripleys believe it or not there's no fear in me
I'm so sick of the hate you've been giving me
We family but homie you're not a friend of me
Since I've been cool with Tonex you've been dissing me
It's sad to see you Sadducee
The fact is you practically don't practice what you preach
You leaching off other artist saying they're your songs
Instead of being a light you a shadow a knock off (Oopsy!)

No fear like I'm cactus jack, DJ spin on the axis
Pin point the source via picture animation
Your lyrics are stuck in gimmick constipation
Move the culture from your copy and pasting
You suppose to be the light but you shadowing waiting
Word phrase auto mechanic
I'm a problem child of the king
So I move the static, here we go

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