1st verse
As a kid all we did was hang in the streets, ball dudes at parloa park with the heat/ battle any crew with crossovers, girls in the seats, drink gatorade then penetrate your zone to defeat, but it's how we speak and talk that matters, everything that we do will come back at us, living to live again think about the future krypotonite, naw we don't bang with lex luther the superstar is the light, the light is the morning star, he's over everything even venus and mars/ ruler of the galaxy homie just ride with me, go to the green and say hi to mallory with parables its fruit juice from the plum, move side to side while i'm dancing on your eardrum, golden grahams honey rhymes, great for the soul grab some any time narrow lane, plum line

We are one nation under the son, and the battle is already won, keep it tight till god comes, until he comes(x3), i'm hold it down hold it down, until then i'mma hold it down hold it down

2nd verse
Yo i'm talking about the heavenly treasures, what you do for christ in this life is what really matters, store things that you have, put it in heaven,walk in the spirit and invest in the 7, perfection please believe he's the real deal, application of the word, best way to live/
With johnny cupcakes, keep the style fly, high as larry birds i rep christ till i die float on the doc rivers, sky with the hawks, the boat has turbulence i see him water walk, footsteps i follow, christ is the model, got to praise the lord, no promise for tomorrow, bring the people back while the girls are singing, return them to the king, boomeranging, move rhymes and we study zechariah, stand on our own two feel like micah

3rd verse
I read the king james, smooth on the chelo, new breed in the game and i drive the car mello, hat titled to the side my mom say hello, son put that hat on and drink the mello yellow, hard like i'm matt damon, born identity, live in christ and i do it with out saying, unit with the symphony, strings with the melody,wonder why i act like this, it's the ministry

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