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Ilive Ft. Ashleigh Nickole


1st verse
We live for christ, we move, like this, gospel, two step with the right twist yea, we got the seeds in the hands, going back and forth just to put christ in the land abide in him, fruit trees grow oranges and apples do it so you glow smile on the outside shine from the inside, what's crackin, lift him so high/ its so fly when you dwell in the presence, put the 6 down lean on the 7 perfection, walk in the light side direction, in the narrow lane with christ like complexion, yea, we got to stay fly, we got to stay nice,remain true to the king he's the one that keeps our soul fresh and clean

We don't need the cash and cars to let the world know who we are we've been changed, aint the same, not ashamed, we keep his word in our hearts we live for christ yea yea yea

2nd verse
Yo i'm not your average, by pass candy get to the cabbage, eyes on the king slim jim randy savage, meditate on the word got to have it bring heat cause the world is so cold, stove top has chicken soup for the soul yea, yo we live for the one, light notes in the zone dance in your eardrums my i d is not in cash or cars, mocking bird slang, did you holla at gibraan application is the key, heaven's my home and i think on eternity give penny and assist like i'm afernee, hardaway when i cross over to the apple tree trust in christ it's the freshness, study the person, work, the blessing

3rd verse
Come on every body and clap your hands, if you love jesus clap your hands if you ride to the rhythm yo, clap your hands, here we go
We don't need the cash and cars, to let the world know who we are we've been changed, aint the same, not ashamed,we keep his word in our hearts we live for christ,yea yea yea vocal inferno spit stem in the thermal, acts 2 see the word popcorn kernals life in christ is my born identity, walking out the word is the is the best thing yo we don't rock with the cosmos, naw, transformed by the lord of host what and you like the way we moving, got to stay cruising, got to stay grooving no matter what they say, we rep christ everyday, got to lean on the word keep that ya heard.

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