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App For That Ft. Trini


1st verse
I knew this girl who can change the whole world, smile can turn black jewels into pearls at coldstone, ice cream swirl, smooth on the inside, the cool girl, one afternoon she met this dude, he came with the game and she thought he was cool and he asked her what you really want, anything, i'll be your real king treat you like a real queen, and she like that he really just sit and listen, gave her the ring, real vision, in italy the heart was so feathery, floating in the air real love so heavenly
Things got fuzzy when she called him on the cell phone dude was on the low he was on to the next one, so hurt cause he turned his back but don't worry, god got an app for that

Want love in the heart there's an app for that need peace in the park there's an app for that and you want your style so fly there's an app for that download this
Want joy in the morning/ there's an app for that need peace when its storming/ there's an app for that
And you want your style so fly/ there's an app for that download this

2nd verse
The young homie broken home is normal/ moms never showed love pops on the corner/ want to be the first one to get past high school/ swim past the hate waves in life's pool/ grinding hard just to get the prize/ and the drama will come trying to block his eyes/ he's intelligent a's in class play sports for therapy broken glass/ he need peace to surpass understanding/ using the word as the instruction manual and this world seem so chaotic/ dealing with the girl who's talking exotic/ whisper fantasies in the ear and they don't care got to keep the apps near/ when you need peace to pass the traps don't worry god got the app for that/


3rd verse
Yo the apps can satisfy your situation/ love joy or peace have patience/ download the logos app to stay blazing/ may take some time for the app to download/ but when you have make sure you're using the download/ fadacy app is cool for new music
Dropbox app back up so don't lose it ipad user download from the bookstore/ reading the latest entry enrich the soul/ no matter what it is if its life or the biz awesome like the miz/ jesus high keep you stayed on the king jesus peace will outshine all your bling/ when you trying to get pass the traps don't worry god got the app for that


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