Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis


Laying wheezing on the cold floor, a piece of flesh
which was a servant of god before.
Starring at the contours of his face
imaging how it smiles with skin on it.
Wretched noises leaving the whole
Where his throat was screaming.
The eye laying beside his head
seems to observe the scenery
in which the last spark of live dwells.

The luciferion envoy enjoys the event below him.
Satisfied about his work, he drinks the elixir which gave live before.
Rich of new power he strides to fulfil what he began.
The essential light nearly be extinguished and there is no power to defence.
'inspire thy command' With raised hands the demon starts the last ritual.
His lust can only be satisfied with blood and dead flesh.

Screams for release resound from the the walls where torture rules.
The main part passes his converted soul leaves the lifeless body and escapes
through protecting black night.

The demon moans with pleasure, his lust is quenched.
Another stray soul is guarded to its destination.
It promenades on the way of darkness to the gate
of hell where the master of masters crowds
around his servants to get part of the perfect one's,
to fight down the weak of it's own past.

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